Thorens is a familiar name in the world of turntables. For a medium that nearly 
disappeared; then found a strong resurgence, Thorens hasn't wavered. In 
fact, Thorens has a healthy and wide list of fourteen turntable models to choose from
at all price points and performance levels. 

Whether you want a classic style or something modern; something to play a small 
vinyl collection or a turntable with a suspended sub-chassis with a carbon fiber tonearm 
base, Thorens will have what you're looking for and everything in between.

For further information and detailed specifications on these products visit Thorens' official website.


Turntables Phono Preamplifiers
TD 550 TEP 302
TD 350 MM 008 / MM 008 ADC
TD 2035 / TD 2015 MM 002
TD 309  
TD 209 Tonearms
TD 206 TP 92 OEM
TD203 TP 19-1
TD 395 MKIV  
TD 240-2  
TD 235
TD 170-1  
TD 158