Rega builds beautiful products with simplicity in mind. At the top of Rega's
product line is their turntables. Starting with the very affordable RP1 and step up in 
performance Planar 3, Rega getsyou going on a great analog sound with no excessive 
moving motorized parts.  

All the way up through the RP10, you can upgrade your analog source components with
a solid belt-driven turntable with a well balanced tone-arm and appropriate cartridge. 
Going over to the digital side of source components, the Saturn-R and Apollo-R CD 
Players use the same logic of eliminating unnecessary motorized elements to ultimately 
improve the sonic integrity of their products over other players in their price range. 
Rega also has a clean and solid series of Integrated Amplifiers, Preamplifiers, Power 
Amplifiers, a DAC and Acessories.

For further information and detailed specifications on these products visit Rega's 
official website.

Rega Model Listing
Turntables Amplifiers
RP1 Ear
RP1 Performance Pack Brio-R
Planar 1 Elex-R
Planar 3 Elicit-R
RP6 Osiris
CD Players Phono Stages

Fono Mini A2D

Saturn-R Fono MM
Isis Ios Reference
Valve Isis  
MM/MC Cartridges Tonearms
Carbon RB202
RB78 RB303
Bias 2 RB808
Elys 2 RB2000
Apheta 2  
Accessories Accessories contd.

Couple 2 Interconnects

RB250 / RB300 2mm spacer
Reference Power Lead Plastic 3 point adjustable spacer
Duet Speaker Cable Sleeved Arm Nut
Mini remote handset Upgrade Drive Belt
Solaris Remote Turntable Wall Bracket
TT-PSU Power Supply Rega Drive Belt
45 RPM Record adaptor TT PSU 2m DIN lead
Stainless 3 point spacer 2mm Carbon Replacement Stylus
RP8/RP10 Rigid Foot Mount Kit Turntable Lid
Turntable wall bracket adaptors  
Performance Pack  
24v Motor Upgrade Kit