Audible Elegance West is about selling you the 1% performance without the 1% price. Hello, my name is Lou Hamilton. I have been a familiar name in both the home audio and home theater industry for over 25 years. I have been honored five times to be a guest speaker at the International Consumer Electronics Shows. Audible Elegance, in Cincinnati, Ohio was the first company in the nation to combine both High Definition Television and the Lucasfilm THX audio system home theater system in 1992. Things have changed, for sure, and for the better. In a nutshell, my experience in high end audio and high end home theater is well known in the industry. Audible Elegance is still operating today and is a respected business member of  the Historic District of Montgomery.

Audible Elegance West is about selling high value products without the high price. I provide unique skills and services to my customers. I can help you understand the proper way to choose a system and how to get the best performance out of it. I can correctly answer your questions about other products, new or old that you have or may be considering. Time and experience give me these advantages. The products I sell are the best values on the market delivering top performance and reliabiliy. From Thorens turntables to Goldenear speakers, Audible Elegance West presents products that I am proud to personally own. If it is not good enough for me, why should you buy it? It's that simple. I demand quality and so should you.

Call or text me at 801-664-8654 or email at I'll be glad to help.

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